the UO experience !


One of my favourite stores to shop in is Urban Outfitters. How many times are you in need of some cute accessories, or a crazy pair of pants and the first place you go to is UO! I mean duh, graffic tee's for $15 or shoes on sale for $10, HELLO! One of the best things about this place is that wherever you are there is an Urban Outfitters and they guarantee a good time, sometimes I walk through the store just to brighten my mood. The shop swings you a marvel of amazing ideas for great fashion posts or awesome home decor, they have a wide variety of funky clothing, awesome candles, shiny jewerly and amazing trinkets for everything. Only last year was I in desperate need of crazy pants and low I was standing in the line up not 20mins later holding three scarves, two pairs of pants and some awesome Kim Chi Blue shoes, talk about a happy customer. Anyway, here are some photos of my latest UO experience.
Happy Fashion.

It's t-shirt TIME! 

Table top

Record the record 


Panties and tops

A shinning light

Mens wear

Bed Time

For sale
x- the Collector

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