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Louis Vuitton 2013
Well, remember how I was writing to you all about pretty in pinks and pastels for spring summer 2012, well for 2013, the glamours chalk days are over and the neon is riding in on her rainbow. According to the British Vogue I have been immersed in for the last several days, its going to be a bright, hot summer full of festivies and extraordinary colour. Fasten you seat belts its going to be a luminous ride.

The minute Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton showed his first models coming down the escalator I knew that this season was not going to be as calm as the last, in fact, remember the 80's? Well, she's back, and bolder than ever. Those horrid jump suits our parents (sadly) wore into the 90's are now being revamped; Elber Albaz for Lanvin has created a jumpsuit that is truly phycadelic and mesmerizing all at the same time. Prada as well as Miu Miu have gone for the bold prints during there collections. Christopher Kane has opted for the printed dresses, everyone has gone a bit off their rocker for this season, but I have a feeling when the sun arises it will bring a new array of style.

Saved by the Bell
Not only has the runway become a brighter place but so have the streets. You guessed it; street style has become a very bold place to be, many fashion mavens have successfully accomplished the neon pallet. Although bright colors are interesting you must be very careful to not OVER do the charm of the flourecent colors, just like perfume; too much can be deadly, so please be careful with your choices. Some of the best ways to brighten up an ensemble is to try adding your flare where people are least going to expect it; the shoes, hats, or even laces, a little can go a long way mind you, so keep your guard up, to much can be overwhelming for the viewer.

I feel like watching Ferris Buler's Day Off after writing this, as a matter of fact, I think I might. The 1980s was a time of discovery. According my British Vogue this season is all about the color, the luminous  and the bold. Since sunglasses are cheap due to the winter weather, you should stock up, this summer will be bright and brilliant. Style was beginning to get drab, but I believe with this seasons boost in neon, this summer should be a very inspiring summer; full of surprises and mystery, who knows, you could be in a tacky vintage track suit *gasp* how exciting! 


Gillian Z.


Burberry 2013


Neon in the Street


x - the Collector

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