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The minute most of us hear “spring summer” we immediately think of our closets, well most of us anyway. The problem is we think we need to ditch last season goods; FALSE. For spring summer 2013 we have made some advances but that’s not an excuse to do a full revamp on ones wardrobe. There are several styles that haven’t yet passed over from previous years, so don’t ship your favorite trousers to the Salvation Army just yet.

Neck jewelry is always appropriate, no matter what, and for this upcoming season it’s defiantly something that should be in your closet. If you haven’t seen the new Chanel collection, pay close attention to the massive pearls and beads that the women are wearing, of course there is no need for yours to be that big, however big is beautiful. Black and gold is another trend that’s sexy and easy to pull off. Seeing as black attracts the sun, this is one that can be saved for a salutary evening look. If you’re dressing up, try a black maxi skirt or dress or gold pants with the opposite as the accentuation and add bold jewelry. Floral for spring is certainly not ground breaking, but it’s an excellent way to incorporate loads of colors in your wardrobe. Many have a fear of floral, it’s a shame, for fashion you must be brave and floral is a perfect way to unleash your bravery. Another place to try your unshaken vigor for clothing is with leather. With this fabric be sure to reside in a cooler setting, outside on the veranda would most likely cause for melting, so once again choose your setting and make sure to incorporate cotton into your ensemble; you’re going to need it. Last but not least; pleats. One of the worlds best inventions, a wrinkle free, easy to wash and undeniably feminine. One can’t go wrong with a pleat. This season opt for a vibrant color; it’ll help give you a little pep in your step.

For this upcoming change in weather don’t trash last years goodies, save them they’ll come in handy. So many designers have given more volume and excitement to their collections, but haven’t given up on key items. The worst thing you could do is ditch this season most important items. The minute most of us hear spring summer we think of our wardrobe, relax, there are a lot of things you should hold onto for the upcoming season, I have a feeling 2013 will be a bright and vibrant year.
pleats by Monika Chaing 

Black and Gold by Dolce and Gabanna 

Neck jewelry by Chanel

Leather from Celine

Floral by Dior
Spring Summer 2013

x- the Collector

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