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NO ! 
While going out for an evening on the town with the ladies, or your man, it's very important to look the part. Now a days, with clubs being most predominant for teenagers to roost, we're beginning to loose our ability to dress to impress. Tight skirts, heavy make-up and sky-high heels are the new fad, we're loosing our finess for dress. I wish I could give you a history lesson on evening attire, but there wouldn't be enough time for that. I'll give you the low down on how outer wear should be worn.

We live in a day and age where we can wear just about anything and justify it as fashion. However; fashion can lack style. With style comes responsibility, and that responsibility comes with dressing appropriately for those of whom you surround. Cocktail dresses are some of the most beautiful pieces we as women can wear. They're sexy, sophisticated and can be played up or down all depending on the evening or event. With ready-to-wear and consumer goods at affordable prices, we no longer have the financial excuse for not purchasing such goods. Thrift stores are a wonderful way to spend less-than nothing on one-of-a-kind goodies!

Accessories can make or break an outfit. Too big can over power, and too little can get lost in translation, there needs to be a happy medium. As we head into spring collections, designers have opted to incorporate big, chunky jewelry into their collections, we will soon seeing designer pieces trickling down through chain stores and soon to your drawer.

There is an importance to dress, an unspoken rule of elegance that needs to be formally addressed. Women are becoming too concerned with popularity and less about prestige. We have lost our touch to be beautiful and now we find ourselves in love with the idea of short skirt, and tight t-shirts; we've abandoned the ability to wear clothing properly. So, here is my proclamation for 2013, make this a years where style takes a front seat, clubs slide to the rear and appropriate couture becomes the now instead of a thing of the past. Now, onward to Savile Row.

NO ! 

Dolce and Gabanna 

Don't let your boss see this, or worse, your mother! 

Be sweet not scary

Crazy Shoe

Awesome Clutch

Bold Accessory

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