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Dear men, it is not strange to carry a bag. Sure there are many men who carry bags, and some of them might be gay, however just because you’re carrying one doesn’t mean that you’re gay. Sometimes it’s necessary to sling something over your shoulder, sports bags, gym bags or even a backpack; but for some reason, men of this day and age seem to think that just because women do it automatically means that you're fly the rainbow flag, quite the contrary.

So many of you have books, work out clothes, and deodorant, and walking around with an ugly briefcase, and a gym bag can look awkward. Sometimes you need to pack an over night bag for your girlfriends place, and have schoolbooks, as well as gym clothes; I get it. The worst thing is to see someone carrying 3 different bags for different locations. Just take ONE. If you don’t want to sling it over your shoulder, that’s alright, hold it in your hand if it makes you feel more manly. There is a distinct difference between a m’urse and a bag, seeing as you’re so concerned with your outward appearance, here is the difference between the two; a m’urse, or a man-purse, will most commonly looks like a women’s bag. It might carry tassels and strings, bows or even have some feminine features. Nothing against it, each too their own, personally, I might be jealous of the bag. A handbag is going to look something like a athletic bag and is usually slung over the shoulder in a diagonal direction or carried with your hand. Either way, bags are meant to help you carry items from one place to the other without dropping or getting things wet.

Men; there is a difference between something your girlfriend would carry and what you might carry. Since we’re in the 21st century and we tend to carry everything as excluding the kitchen sink items, it’s time to step up our fashion game. If Kanye West can carry one, or Zac Efron, I think you can tote a lovely, well tailored, man bag around. Fashion is all about appearance, backpacks were cute in grade school but it’s time to step up, be a man, and carry the bag. 

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