Sometimes I hate the S word


Have no fear, S doesn't stand for the standard swear words, you know the words mom and dad used to use soap in your mouth for using. S, stands for [whisper] shopping! There are days where the LAST thing I want to do is go s-ing. Most women can't wait to head into their local Forever 21 or H&M or ... Hermés, but sometimes you don't feel like walking into Urban Outfitters. For myself, retail therapy doesn't work, I know, am I even a woman? But in all honesty, I am not the "retail shopping lady." My idea of solving a bad day is going home, brewing some tea and sitting in my bed with a Fashion magazine or watching a military movie, the sound of guns can be very therapeutic ... did I just say that?!
ANYWAY, I can report to you that I haven't completely lost my marbles, there are a few things I have been dreaming about, and I feel the need to share them with you. Sometimes I flip through a magazine and use my bright pink highlighter to make aware that I have NEED for those items . I usually drool until I look at the price in tiny letters, then I soon realize I'd better start making money off this blogging thing! But alas, here are the following things that I have been salivating over, turkey being one of them!


Alexander McQueen hand beaded dress

Hermés Birkin 

Jean Paul Gaultier leather tote 

Michael Kors gold pants
Chanel 2.55


Bleached denim shirt ... DROOL

Hand Candy

Fun accessories 

Bold pumps


x - the Collector

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