Rapture or Raptors


Toronto Raptors this year can start, but can’t finish. Com’on boys, this isn’t high school. The sound of the whistle and the jump ball is tossed into the air, the first quarter is decent, the second, okay, by the third and forth Toronto is too busy batting their eyelashes at the cheerleaders rather than finishing the game. This season has been nothing but beautiful letdowns for Toronto Raptors fans.

During the last game, Toronto handed Portland a lead going into the second, although it was only a few points, they were unnecessary. Going to the bank and cashing in threes as well as dunks straight down the lane. For some reason the guards can’t seem to close the lanes while causing easy lay- ups pass through like butter. Toronto’s spending more time checking the crowd for cuties than focusing on the game, that would be okay if you were up by twenty points, but when you’re neck and neck with your opponent’s wife shopping isn’t the best idea. However, the season is far from over, we might have a plan up our non-existent sleeves.

Back in high school, basketball was all about showing your school pride, the harder you pushed the better your school looked. Same thing goes for the NBA; players need to show that their city is the city to beat. Since the season has only recently began, that doesn’t matter, we want W’s across the board, unfortunately for this year, those won’t be happening. As long as we’re talking about W’s you can kiss the trophy goodbye at this point. So, hike up your socks, apply your Vaseline, tie your laces, hit your threes and stop counting your blessings before you’ve asked for them. Toronto Raptors can start, but they sure can’t finish, sounds like we’re going back to Jr. high, wonderful! 

You're going to need more than prayer!

x - the *Basketball* Collector

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