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Yes, I have a need for labels, fortunately for my bank account, I can't afford expensive labels and that's simply wonderful! However, I do love to go into their stores and shop around and fall helplessly in love with everything glamourous and lovely. When I was first discovering this "fashion" thing, I would walk streets and find beautiful designer shops and stride in. Fortunately for me, I was only looking, but I would stop into Escada and look at all the gowns, sit in Burberry and flip through their catalogue and be fully immersed in it's beauty. My favourite was Louis Vuitton, I would walk in, thank Hank (the doorman) and stand in awe of the new store set-up. Hank and I became close friends, he would open the door, I would walk in, turn and flash him a brilliant smile. When it was chilly, I would bring him a tea from Starbucks, he became my doorman confidant.  As my love for labels grew, I soon realized that one day I would hope to own some of the labels I was lusting after. At a young age, however, I feel the need establish myself before I go around sporting Celiné bags and Chloé clutches. All is well; here are some photo's of some of my favourites, I hope you enjoy.


My passion in Vintage


The box says it all.

Mr. Kors

Damn they don't make them like this anymore.


Thomas Burberry



The UK global sensation. 

Vive Valentino

Now designing for Balenciaga 

Label's and LoVe

Italy's 1921 label

Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel

Wedding couture. VW

Sara Burton for McQueen

x - the *label* Collector

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