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As the title says this is a post all about jewelry! These are photos of various jewelry junkies, such as myself, expressing themselves through all things bling. If ever anyone was to tell you that you're wearing too much, they clearly don't understand that wearing jewelry is personal and that everyone's addictions are different.

Personally, I have a stage 5/6 diagnoses of the "Bling Ring" it's a serious problem, and can only be solved through electrical shock and shop therapy.  For myself, I tend to wear bold accessories, anything that's a statement; a floral belt, or some thick rings. I wear three rings on a regular basis  one from Arizona that I purchased over two years ago, another from Africa that was given to me by a very special friend, and the other is from my mother. All of them mean something different to me and I refuse to remove. They're my dependence, I go to them when I need to remember memories.

 Further more, I have a problem; "Hi, my name is Erica and I am a jewelry junkie!" 

Photo's aren't mine, from various websites and blogs

x - the *addicted* Collector

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