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I was always the odd one out growing up and found rapping to be my specialty; it was something I could put my own personal spin on. I’ve always held musicians in a place of honor and from that my love for music the beat and rap grew to become a part of my daily life. The style of music I commonly drift towards is hip hop, but I’ve spun the two together, interlacing hip hop and rap; calling it 'emotion rap.' I feel that rap is your sentiment through lyrics, painting a picture, so I rap about the outcomes of my life. That is why none of my songs are ever the same. My inspirations are local artists like “Spectacular” and “The Block Royal Family”. Also BC/Canadian rappers “Snack the Ripper,” “Mad Child” and “ Winnipeg's Most.” I can’t forget the most import one “Big and Pac;” they were the first rap I ever listened too so they’ve inspired me, also my family and friends have played an important role in my career. When I’m not writing or in the studio, I’m usually doing schoolwork or hanging with my friends. I’m always rapping, devoting all my focus on my music; it’s my life so it has a big part of my everyday routine. Currently, a local hip-hop artist ‘Spectacular,’ produces my tracks. He’s an amazing guy who has done so much for me; he’s the big brother I never had. Spectacular’s wonderful because he knows what it was like at my age; coming up in music industry, he mentors me in lyrics and in life.
Rap is my passion; it’s been my dream, ever since I was eight. Even if I never make it to the Forbes lists or Billboard Charts, I would love to be known around B.C. Even now kids ask me if I’m K.Y. When I go out people encourage me too continue following my dreams, its incredible having support from people I don’t know, it truly means a lot. Personally, I think the love is worth way more than money, just so long as I’m accepted locally I am content to continuing in striving towards my aspirations. I rap daily. It’s like an addiction no twelve-step program will cure. It’s a passion; I love what I do. Some people talk to themselves whilst they walk, I rap. I probably look like a physco babbling to myself, but I don’t care. I’m also writing, and listening to beats all to keep up with what’s going on around me. I get a huge thrill while reciting my rhymes, so it keeps me coming back with more and more

I am K.Y, a Canadian rapper with a heart of gold. I am young and inspired by everything around me and I absorb like a sponge. I have a passion for all things musical, writing is what keeps me grounded.  With the love and support of friends and family, I strive to continue to create beat banging, soul taunting and though provoking music. Look out; I might be heading to your town next. 

Click HERE to listen to the EP 

x - the Collector 

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