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Deck the Halls with … Something cute.
For some fashionable reason, it is adamant that style takes a spin for the sparkly. In case you haven’t noticed, sequins and shiny things are all the rage. Rag & Bone, Burberry, and Salvatore Ferragamo have all created fantastic jackets for your winter festivities and Christmas parties are going to be dazzling, so why shouldn't you?

Fashion is one of those things that never goes out of style, and who better than you, to try to make Christmas holidays, more appealing to the eye. Although Michael Kors designed a pair of golden trousers, I don’t know if those are too bold for the east coast’s most splendid events, having said that, I do believe that it’s tolerable to try something new. With gold being the staple color for this holiday season, everyone should have a little something extra in his or her closet.

Gold can do miraculous things in ones wardrobe, using a little sparkle can take duddly and dull and turn them into vava and voom. A great color mixture to experiment with is; royal blue, ox blood red, or forest green, it’s chic, bold and understated. A perfect shoe to try would be the Alejandro Ingelmo, a beautiful black and gold pump. If that’s too much, a matted black heel or a cute boot with a little touch of shine should do the trick.

For this winter break, boring is out and glamour is in. Wearing this season’s most dazzling color will show your friends, family and Rudolf that you’re serious about the festivities. Don’t forget, be a little naughty this season with a daring pump, accessories with gold and deck with halls with Hermés. For some stylish reason, fashion has taken a spin for the sparkly, oddly enough; it’s working. 

Rag and Bone jacket

Burberry jacket

x - the *holiday* Collector 

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