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Cabbagetown has become one of Toronto’s cutest areas. On Parliament St, there are shops, boutiques, hardware stores, banks and best of all, coffee shops. Three of my go-to café/bistro’s are Jet Fuel, Cabbagetown Brew and Merry Berry. All depending on my mood, each coffee house shares it’s own dynamic. In order for me to find a great house, they must contain the following.
  • ·      An excellent environment
  • ·      Great people
  • ·      Comfortable seating
  • ·      Wi fi

All three are well equip with all these and more. The best way to see what you like in a coffee house is to get out and investigate your favorite houses.

Jet Fuel is for the hipster within. Their specialty coffee is the “Rocket” a tall coffee with a LOT of foam. The restaurant contains plenty of room, a great atmosphere and cozy chairs, a bar facing the window and the best selection of music; from Bob Marley to Motzart, all depending on the day. Each time you go in they’re playing something new. Jet Fuel always has the best people, strangers become friends and enemies make a miens, I would give Jet Fuel a 7.5/10

Cabbagetown Brew. For the diva within this is the place to be; hanging chandeliers, cozy chairs and feminine decorations, this little coffee house is ultra delightful and refined, not only are the treats divine but the coffee is smooth and flavorful. Did I mention they serve gelato?! They have a varied selection of lovely, delicate flavors that tantalize the tongue and sooth the soul. Cabbagetown Brew is a great place to go if you’re in need of some girl time and great goodies. All it needs is a little more color, overall I give it a solid 8/10

Merry Berry is a by far has the best interior decorations. It has this pretty, cute, vintage colorful look to it. The food is exquisite, the staff is adorable and the drinks selection is never ending! This bistro house has everything one would need in order to escape the damp streets of Toronto. An adorable café/bistro house holds the best vibe, a place for a group of friends to unite, where baby ballerinas can relax after a class and where couples can dine away from the chaos of the city. I happily give Merry Berry a solid 10/10, even if they didn’t have my chocolate croissant.

x - the Collector 

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