Rachel Zoe


Paris Fashion Week 2012

If I had her lips I'm sure I'd be a celebrity too. Rachel Zoe is one of Hollywoods most exciting stylist, and as of 2011, she decided to give designing a go. Rachel Zoe's first collection was amazing! Although her clothing is way beyond my price point she has indeed created some pieces worthy of the cost.

Born in New York, New York, the meca of all fashion, she graduated and continued her studies at George Washington University. After she completed her education, Rachel began styling, and soon became a nation wide, house hold name. Soon Rachel was styling everyone from Cameron Diaz, Lindsay Lohan, Kate Hudson, Liz Taylor, the Backstreet Boys and more. After several years, she launched into a TV series; The Rachel Zoe Project. 

Now she sits as Hollywoods go to lady for creating and reinventing styles for celebrites alike. She has released a second collection, her jump-suits and incredibly tailored vests are what she's globally known for. She loves striking prints and sequins, a bold lip and a fun heel. Rachel Zoe is Hollywoods go see, she creates jaw dropping outfits for the most fashion forward individual giving them the edge they need in order to further their career. When in doubt add a bag and accessories, am I right?


Fall winter 2012-2013

Spring Summer 2013

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