Parade Day


Toronto has been treating me well, people are amazing and I am loving the fashion/boutique world. On Danforth Ave, just over the Gerrard St. bridge, is a cute little community of shops and frozen yogurt stores. One in particular has caught my attention; Parade. The owner, Sonya has been designing her own label, which she features in the store, along with Michael Kors, Boe Designes, and Nougat. Her boutique concentrates on shiny, modern, business meats pleasure wear, she's always revamping and adding to her fancy collection. 

Sonya began her boutique in Kensington Market over 20 years ago. She concentrated on bringing the vintage age back to the streets of Toronto and from there has continued bringing diverse, new age garments as well as putting her own personal style to her own brand; Parade. Sonya has an eye for creating a well-tailored piece, each different then last. Her pants and tops are hemmed to perfection, orchestrating strength to the wearer and giving off the perfect silhouette to any woman. 

Parade carries a wide asortment of tops, bottoms and evening/event gowns. Don't let that put you off; they also have an excellent selection of shoes and bags/clutches. Parade is a lovely boutique when you're in need of a well-put together top, a corporate meets weekend wear ensemble. Your friends will be foaming at the mouth when they you see you in Parade wear, so don't forget to bring them the next time you come into the store. So, sit back ladies and gentlemen and be prepared to be amazed. 

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x- the Collector

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