L’wren Scott


Standing at an astounding 6’3” Scott began her career as a model out of Utah, and soon embarked on a lifelong dream of living the luxurious life of a model, flying globally to make her mark among the elite designers of our time. In the early 90’s Scott moved to California to pursue her love for styling, soon after she had created a fabulous reputation for herself among many of Hollywood’s pristine individuals, placing their names in her little black book. Soon Scott’s overwhelming appearance in the fashion world would lead her to want to create, thus L’wren Scott launched her own female empowering collection.

L’wren Scott forms the most elegant of designs. Her feminine creations and her ability to construct an unknown elegance for a woman is unmatched to that of any other designer. L’wren Scott concocts a collection using ivory silks, pumpernickel, Victorianism, and romantic-rock all to lure you in and capture you with her knowledge of all things lux.

For spring/summer 2013, L’wren Scott brought the 1930’s to life. The candy-apple red lip, supple complexion and bob hairstyle was straight from “Bagger Vance” and onto the runway. Her use of beautiful floral, vibrant reds on sparkly garment helped bring the collection to life. L’wren Scott pushed the envelope allowing for a complex, sophisticated bevy of goods, to shine through. Her ability to give fabrics, flowing, swaying attitude, while maintaining a female oriented line is uncanny, Scott created a new age look from the 1930’s. Her jackets and ponchos were tailored to a tee, the dresses fit like a glove, skirts extending the body giving length to the torso, and suits for a supreme businesswoman. This season’s collection was breath taking; each piece carefully chosen for a specific individual, this year was made for the ultimate Vogue woman.

L’wern Scott understands dressing for the tall slender woman. After establishing presence among the celebrity family, Scott chose to spread her wings into the design world without training. Only learning from the best, L’wern Scott took flight and is now known around the world for both styling the elite and creating from the magnificent. From Utah, to California, and around the world, we will never know where this stylish designer will touch down next.

x - the Collector

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