It's NOT a Crime


I was strolling down Queen St. and stumbled upon this store, my inner self told me to go in or I'd regret it. So there I was, standing in the door way, jaw on the floor. The sales clerk picked up my chin and escorted me into the boutique. I felt like a little girl in a castle, looking at all the mesmerizing jewels, and crowns, bows and sparkly things. My eyes couldn't rest on one thing, my heart was racing and I was officially in heaven. So many things, I don't know what to tell you about first. Well, lets start with the first dress posted, the black one with a gold lace skirt, WOW! So beautiful, I tried on the white version of the same dress to add flare to this post. The great thing about this boutique is that they have so many wacky and crazy pieces, you can't go wrong. I stayed for half an hour, due to my crazy work schedule, I do promise to go back and go through every dress wrack and pick out crazy ensembles! I hope this is what heaven will look like, it was such a treat to be in such an incredible store filled with such mesmerising and strange pieces. Thank you Fashion Crimes for a lovely afternoon of dress up, I will return soon!

x - the Collector

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