Independence Day !


With the election day's over, I found myself sitting on the couch watching Independence Day. Never have I felt strongly moved, but I also found myself falling head over heels in love with the idea of a country that understand their political love. With Romney and Obama spread thin, both men of class and dignity, an American channel plays a movie which depict love, honer and team work to the social realms of competition while uniting a world as one.

Will Smith portrays, Captain. Steven Hiller, a mouthy yet brave African American man who proves his place in the world when he goes up against an Alien space ship. The 1990's was bang on when the estimated that by 2012 America would proudly except having a diverse culture.

President Thomas J. Whitmore,  played by Bill Pullman, a strong yet savvy depiction of an American white president. Bold in the face of war but also a cowboy, where the black man is hero the nation needs.

America has chosen their president and have liberated the minds of those who doubted. Obama would certainly be a wiser choice for the American's, Romney wasn't the appoint they truly loved. Although he struck gold in some of his argumens about some of Obama's, not so lovely, actions, Barack was the man who stood up about his points and admitted when he was wrong. I salute America and applaud their good judge in character for the 2012-2016 President of the Untied States. I must say the country has guts.

Congratulations; President Barack Obama.

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