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Everyone who knows me, knows about my obsession with all things vintage. If you don't know, now you will. Ever since I was a child, I was athletic and wore anything but a dress, now that I have matured (somewhat) in my life and style, I see now the importance of a dress. I wear them EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME. I love them, they're so comfortable, and no matter what mood you're in, a dress will make you feel fun, flirty and feminine.  The best thing about dresses is you can be any size, and no matter what your legs look like, dresses make you look/feel sexy and confident. Believe me, if I wasn't so into everything flowy and modest, where would I be?

I am a huge advocate for everything Thrift. My mother raised me with an attitude of "if you can get it for less, then do it!" I have over 50 pieces in my closet, and none of them were ever over $20. The shoes, were a little more, but footwear is in entirely different league. I believe in getting a deal, and shopping frugally. However, I am not opposed to buying things off the wrack at Dillard or The Bay, I just feel if you can buy a dress for $3.00 versus getting one at Topshop at $60, the obvious choice would be the Thrift store. The following photo's are from my personal dress collection. I apologies that they weren't taken by a professional photographer, my Mac will have too do. I hope you enjoy my Vintage Dress Collection, and hopefully you'll be inspired to shop thrift and save a pretty penny.

Dress from "Black Market" - Toronto (Thrift)


Kathie Lee - from "Black Market"

Smart Set (sale)

Edie Johne - Thrift Store

Custom made dress. black flowers and gold stripes

Silence and Noise - Urban Outfitter (on sale)

H&M (sale)

Maxi Dress - LoVoy 

Casa Blanca - (sale)

"Fancy" - by Lisa Kane  (GoodWill)

"Decorum" by: Fruing Krony (Thrift)

"Studio" by: Pat Avgenti (Thrift)

As you can see I have a decent collection of ready-to-wear dresses. I love the feeling of slipping into a beautiful dress with your hair done and sparkly eyes! It send the perfect message; I'm friendly and approachable, for the most part! Don't be put off by what others deem "cool" you're your own person, express yourself in the most exotic ways. People respect those who are willing to be a little different! There is a difference between being respected for your fashion forward thinking and looking like a slue, respect yourself, respect others. Happy Fashion!

x - the *dress* Collector

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