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It wasn't but two years ago that my best friend introduced me to Mac Miller. Since then I find myself going to him for good rap. Malcolm McCormick or EZ Mac, has been flooding the YouTube world with his incredibly dope lyrics and has even been praised my Donald Trump himself for his fantastic song featuring praise and adoration towards Trump himself. Mac Miller is my go to guy when I am feeling blue, and although his music features many hours of bong hoots and pretty ladies, Mr. Miller never ceases to amaze me in his song writing abilities or his genuine love for his career. At just 15, Miller released 'But mackin' ain't easy' and with that soon realized that rapping was his passion. By 2010 he had signed with Rostrum Records and was eagerly on his way to producing some of my personal, favorite songs. Mac and fellow Pittsburg rapper Wiz Khalifa have shown great respect for one another, and have since embarked on both a personal and professional relationship, together creating innovative and captivating creations as partners. In 2013, Mac Miller will be releasing 'Watching Movies with the Sound Off' and I, for one, will be first in line to get a copy. Congratulations Mac Miller, you're living the 'high life.'

A list of my favorite Mac Miller tracks
-Party on Fifth Ave.
-Class President
-Missed Calls
-Pen Game
-Foolin Around
-Fly in her Nike's
-Smile Back
-Wear my Hat
-Don't Mind if I do

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The cutest man alive! 

x - the Collector

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