A YouTube Event


Sometimes you're just in need of some good old YouTube fun, here is a collection of some of my favorite things off YouTube, enjoy.

To be honest, Pink Tartan's collection for SS 2013 was nothing that we haven't seen before. Frilly dresses, lace accessories, and pretty florals, it's last season all over again. Nothing new, nothing authentic, nothing original. Boring, if you will. I did, however, enjoy the pants, they were a lovely pinky-orange, totally cool, totally vibrant but the rest of the collection was bland.

I love this song, and nothing says passion and elegance like Beyoncé !

How over the top was this runway show, but never the less it was fun and energetic. Denis Gagnon has a flare for sexy and sophisticated. I love it, but a little weird! 

I love his outfit in this, I have been looking for this hat EVERYWHERE! The sweater looks so cozy, I want it, and him, yes, I have a Mac Miller crush! 

Elegance, prestige, perfection, I don't know if I sugared that enough, I LOVE Dior, and this collection by Raf Simmons is nothing short of amazing.

I always love how Adele can always make me smile

Crazy, wild, perfect. Louis Vuitton


Oh my lanta ! 

x - the Collector

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