A Blazin'


As the trees change from green to yellow and fall gently to the lawn, we are kindly reminded of the change in the weather. In saying that I feel it best to lay the bikini's to rest and it's now time to sport some proper outer wear; gloves, scarves, tuques, cardigans, well you get the idea. Where my blog post today is about the lovely outside gear, and less of the shorty shorts from summers passed.

I, like most, love layers. I don't want to wear them 365 but I do enjoy me seasonal round up of blazers and jackets. Personally I own around 10 different shoulder covering apearl and find them all to be a necessities in my closet. Recently I scrolled through a few online websites and have gathered a perfect, if I don say so myself, collection of wonderful warm wear.

I love Urban Outfitter and although there clothing and attire isn't made of plush material, it is however, lovely and easy to wear. Since the urban affair is in style, there a great place to get stylish pieces for less than the other retail stores. This season, Urban Outfitters has collected an inventory of stylish, hot off the runway, jackets for the fashion lover in the family.

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