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I, like most women, have a butt, and that butt needs to fit into jeans. Unfortunately for me, finding a pair of jeans that will fit over my 'ghetto bootay' isn't as easy as it sounds. I have only found 2 brands that fit over my backside and that's fine, but finding those brands and the proper fit it like trying to find a needle in a hay stack. Fortunately for you I have devised tactical manoeuvres that allow me comfort in sitting, comfort in walking and less tug and pull.

Brands for Big Bums
Marc Jacobs
Citizens of Humanity

The worst brans for the average sized women are; American Eagle, Hollister, and Abercrombie & Fitch. Not that I have anything against these brands, but the minute I walk into one of their stores I am greeted like everyone else and not made to feel special in my size 10, regular size 4-6. These companies are made for the average, tall, slender European women and being a black woman my curvaceous figure does not allow my to enjoy those brands.

How to find the right fit
For those of you who lay on the bed to fasten your jeans, STOP. The jeans don't fit and stop trying to make them fit, the minute you eat a marshmallow your button well burst off. Denim should not be supper tight, they should not look as though they are painted on. It's not attractive and shouldn't be happening. The best way to know if they dont fit is by putting them on. If they;
A) Have a gap in the front or back
B) Bulge in the crotch
C) Sit and everyone knows Victoria's Secret
D) Make you feel like you're swimming they DON'T FIT, TAKE THEM OFF!

Jeans are supposed to be comfortable. Owning the most cozy, flexible, none sticky jeans is like owning your own piece of heaven. When getting a pair of jeans, here are some things to do.
- Get fitted: Knowing your size helps everyone, including you, know where to start.
-Know your brand(s): guaranteed the sales clerk will ask you "what your go-to" brand is. If they don't they should be fired. Only kidding-sort of.
-Know your fit: Do you like high rise? Low rise? medium, etc...
-Wear proper panties: If you go in wearing granny panties and wonder why your bum looks funny, the answer might be because you and Grandma Josephine shop at the same lingerie store.
-Try the jeans on BEFORE you leave the store: after working in retail, I have come to the conclusion that women who don't try on in the store, bring them back.

I, like most women, have a big bum and having that big bum can sometimes be a pain, especially when trying to find proper jeans. The worst thing to do is give up before you've even began. Take the time to get comfortable with your body, be comfortable with who you are. Jean shopping should not cause tears, you should be skipping out with your own piece of heaven. Get sized, get a fit and wear proper panties, jeans are fantastic, everyone should own a pair or 20. I hope this helped.

blogs and websites dedicated to help you find proper denim:
- Good luck

x - the Collector

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