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Ever sauntered by a herd of giggling women and stopped to hear the whispers? Yes, handsome man, they’re ogling at your weekend ensemble. A man in a suit, tie or bow ties and cuff lings are like bones too dogs, we’ll do anything to have one. You might be afraid that you’ll end up looking fruity when wearing a dressy outfit, but quite the contrary. Women of the 21st century can appreciate a man who takes his time in choosing a slick, well groomed get up. Of course there’s a difference in spending 20minutes appose to 2hours in choosing an outfit, however the extra time and energy is worth it.

During the weekend it’s time to relax and take the business wear off and put the pleasure wear on. If you don’t have time to change from the office to the streets, here’s some help on making your work wear into relax wear. The first would be the tie; REMOVE it, it looks stuffy and it makes you look like you haven’t left the office. Second, remove the cuff links, first, if you lost them, Grandpa would be furious, and second, too dressy for the sports bar or (heaven forbid) the club. Third, unbutton your shirt, show some skin, loosen the tuck in, but don’t fully untuck. Forth, RELAX, leave the corporate schpeal for someone who cares, nothing turns a woman off like stock market prices and financial reviews. Fifth and final, unbutton the jacket, dawn the shades and breath deeply, its time to chillax, relax and blow some steam. Invite the boys, head to your nearest bar or pub and enjoy the weekend, first beers on me.

Oh shoot, I forgot to tell you where to shop for weekend wear. Since you have Friday ‘Office to Street’ you need Saturday’s ‘Couch to Club’ ensemble. ‘Scotch & Soda’ has just the right shirts for just the occasion. Try a full button vintage denim checkered top, with rolled sleeves. It’s an excellent shirt for driving home class and sophistication, plus it helps to add color to your closet. It also doubles adding contrast under a suit. A great pair of skinny jeans can go a long way, however there’s skinny and too tight and the difference in whether men or women are making advances. It varies from man to man if you’d prefer something tighter with a cardigan, have at ‘er, if you’d be more comfortable with a looser cut and rolled cuffs be my guest. Also choose a color of denim that works for you, light wash pants say daytime, where as darker says evening but the final choice is yours. Minimum has done a great trouser, perfect for bars of walking in the park, either way the look is urban and charismatic. Final and foremost, your shades; sunnies can either make or break a look, too big and too crazy is too much. Sunglasses should exude an air of perfection without snobbery, Super has line of classy, masculine eyewear and it’s a perfect weekend look. Keep your look clean, add color and vibrancy were you can, and have fun.

Sunday is a lovely day for getting things done around the house or grocery shopping and last minute projects. Try some knitwear, with the weather changing a cozy sweater and some comfortable sox might just be what you need to get the chill out of your bones. Please, gentlemen, don’t leave your place in pajamas or sweat pants, it’s both tacky, and not very sexy. Try a rugby sweater from Gant Rugger or a cardigan from Svensson. Put on loose slacks from Homecore or Lee 101, and get Sunday’s duties done before dinner with the parents. Don’t forget flowers for mom and dessert for dad.


All in all, I hope your weekend went well. Don't forget to add some color and vitality to your wardrobe. It tells women that you're fearless and can handle whatever life tosses your way. Be polite, a chivalrous man can take you from the bar to a date and everything in between. Women, love a gentle man, so be one. Corporate talk is for Monday, save the extra jibber jabber until then, relax, have fun and be easy. Happy fashion.  

x- the *weekend* Collector

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