Goorin Brothers


As I strolled down Queen St. in Toronto, I walked passed the lovely hat shop and as many of you know, I love vintage, feeling the store calling my name I strolled in. The humble store began creating their hats out of a beautiful horse drawn carriage in 1895 in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Cassel Goorin's son's continued with their father’s creativity opening a secondary shop in San Fransico in 1949. Nothing from the hats has lost their vintage touch. Each hat has it's own personality and holds fast to the dedicated craftsmanship. Each hat has it's own origin, the American bowlers are different to those of bowlers warn in America. The Goorin Brothers believe that there is a hat for every occasion, with stores in Toronto, Vancouver and worldwide you're bound to find a lid that fits

x - the *hat* Collector

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