Diamonds are a girls best friend



Diamonds are certainly a girls best friend. When Charles Lewis Tiffany and Teddy Young established their boutique in 1837, they had no idea it would grow to such magnitude. It began as a store that sold stationary items in lower Manhattan. When Charles Tiffany took hold the company changed their name from 'Tiffany, Young and Ellis,' to 'Tiffany&Co.' and was well on his way to being known as the 'King of Diamonds.' In 1845 the first 'Blue Book' was released in the Unites States, Tiffany&Co. relied heavily on this book in order to sell the goods in the store. After opening his shop in New York, Charles Tiffany was known around the globe for carrying the finest diamonds and jewellery the world has and will ever know.

Charles Lewis Tiffany

x- the *diamond* Collector 

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