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Dear Ladies,

It is now fall/winter, that means it is time to put some layers on, yeah I know it sucks! Have NO fear, I am here to help you pick out an amazing jacket that will wow everyone in the office, shock your boss and even help you get a raise ... well, maybe. If we were all millionaires I would just say to head to your nearest Burberry, but we all don't have $1,800 to spend on jackets now do we?

Personally, I have a shorter tourso but longer legs, so I would choose something that would make my tourso look longer. So in order for that to happen, I would wear something that would help make  my upper body long and my lower body long and lean. To do so, I need to find a jacket that cuts just above my bum. Where clothes end is where your body ends too, I am not kidding.

For shorter women, the long trench coat style will make you look even shorter, when the jacket ends it gives off the impression you have stumps for feet, so to avoid looking like lumber jacks wife, I highly suggest you look for a jacket that hits you either on the waist or mid thigh. Avoid anything past the knee.

Some might suggest a poncho. I say go for it, but you need to be carful, ponchos can either make you look like a dumpy 'little red ridding hood' or a blob of jello and neither of wich are flattering. So if you choose to go with the Mexican style, I would say to make sure it hits you just below your zipper and is shapped like a 'V'. The V-line will help make the legs look long, where the round bottom will make you look like 'Rolly-Polly-Oly's mother.

Stick with flattering colors, there is nothing worse then seeing a woman in a great jacket but it's the same color as baby spit up. Your jacket is a statement piece, it's either the highlight of your outfit or it's just to blend colors, whatever it may be it needs to be elegant and sophisticated.

Vintage style jacket. At MyTheresa

x- the Collector

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