Based out of London, this incredibly girly designer has created pieces for some of the worlds most established women; Gweneth Palrow, Michelle Obama, The Duchess of Cambridge, Liberty Ross …etc. In 2010 Ilinci launched her first swimwear line and did a collaboration with St. Tropez
“Her designs are crafted from fabrics of the future, in a way that is innovative and advanced. With St. Tropez creating the right finish for the fashionable body, this collection is highly elegant and a sophisticated fit” – Michelle Feeny, CEO of St. Tropez

In 1994 Franco Moschino passed away and left the store to Rossella, the brand carriers a quirky and vivacious vibe perfect for Jardini. This season was no different, lovely short double breasted jackets, gobstopper bottoms and an over sized helmet too boot. Next spring summer will be a mix of sci-fi and a hint of floral.
“Good taste doesn’t exist” – Franco Moschino

Rei Kawaubo
In 1973 Comme Des Garçon was established by designer Rei but had no idea of the success that was to come. In 1981 Comme Des Garçon was featured on a Paris runway and has been showcasing there ever since. A year after her first walk Kawakuno opened her first store chez Paris. The following collections are more garments, draped over the shoulder using a bleak color pallet, many asymmetrical shapes, remaining subdued and casual. This season Rei Kawaubo sent her models down the runway in obscure silence.
“What I thought was strong and beautiful. It just so happened that my notion was different from everybody else’s.” – Rei Kawaubo

Christopher Lemaire
Taking brave new steps the designer for Hermés menswear is opening new doors. Creating with a brighter color scheme as well as designing shorts- something he’s never done before. Christopher showed off his diligent ability in tailoring the perfect Wall Street meets Chinese worker uniforms; a perfect blend of old age and new age masculinity.

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