A Vintage Afternoon


Yesterday I had the privilege of heading down to a local Bazaar in St.Catharines, and nothing puts more spark in my step then a room full of vintage. The garage was packed full of old trinkets, books, rings, clothes, kids toys, and everything else. The best thing about Bazaar's and garage sales is you can bargain on prices, and get items you can't find in retail stores, they're one of a kind wonders; timeless pieces if you will.

I immediately sauntered towards the jewellery table and to my surprise, I found an entire box full of goodies, 3 for $1.00. WAHOO, I went crazy and chose big chunky necklaces. Then I headed towards the clothing department and scored a great oversized ox-blood red shirt for $3. Later I bought an Italian made bag for $0.50 and skipped for joy, until I realized I was showering gold sparkles all over my lap, but hey, it was bought with pocket change.

If you're ever looking for a certain piece or bag, head to a Bazaar or garage sale. You can bargain down prices, score one of kind what not's and take fashion advice from the elders. It's a great way to get things you never thought would be interesting. They're a great way to pass a Saturday morning, so take your fashion friends and head to your local street sale and shop till you drop.

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