Xyamena Zaniewska-Chwedczuk
For a short period of time this Polish scenographer and archetec did a small collection. From 1958-1981 she was the main scenographer for Telewizja Polska.

Yohji Yamamoto
In the same year Vivienne Westwood took flight Yohji Yamamoto made his debut in 1981. Yohji was born in Tokyo in 1943 and finished his Fashion degree in 1969. Yamamoto’s collections incorporate his tremendous talent in tailoring, he captivates your heart with his gowns and women’s wear, and his men’s wear lines can be warn by all ages. Yohji Yamamoto has designed for numerous celebrities and high-fashion individuals; Sir Elton John, Pina Bausch, Heiner Müller, Takeshi Kitano, Hermès, Mandrina Duck and plenty more. Yohji can design for anyone, with impeccable tailoring, sensational colors, and an impetuous heart; it’s no wonder the Yohji Yamamoto label is so fantastic and easy to wear.


Zuzana Kralova has an eye for color and volume in her fashion. She designs for the everyday woman and never misses a beat. After completing a Masters of Art in Czech Republic and the other a diploma in Fashion Design in Madrid, she went on to be a finalist at Brilliance Fashion Talent 2010. Her muse is what’s around her; she designs from the heart and captivates simplicity and elegance in a simple ensemble.  

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