They Sexy and They Know It


Nothing sexier then a man in a uniform.

Robert Downey Jr. is one of Hollywoods best dressed men. Handsome, broad and manly Robert takes wearing a simple Armani suit to a new level. He first made his acting debut at the age of 5 when he played "Puppy" in his fathers film 'Pound.' Robert Downey Jr. is simply fantastic, captivating and intriguing all while looking dapper in just about every costume and suit made.

Brad Pitt, known for being one of the worlds most striking men, William Bradley Pitt has been tabloid's biggest money maker for years. Brad Pitt has starred alongside some of the worlds leading actors and has played extravagant roles in some of my favorit movies. Brad will probably be known as Hollywoods most dashing men and did I mention he looks devine in a suit ?

He only gets better with age. George Timothy Clooney has received three Golden Globes and an American Award. If there was a possibility of receiving metals for being attractive George would certainly take home the prize. At 51 this American Actor born in Kentucky is melting numerous hearts all over the world.

Football, father, model, businessman. Could he get any more drool worth? Oh did I mention he's married to a fashion designer and an ex singer/performer.Talk about power couple, those two make dressing well, having babies and building an empire look like a walk in the park. *sigh* If only.

Could it get any better ?! 

I, for one, certainly enjoyed that. I hope you did as well.

x- the Collector

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