Sarah Jessica Parker

As a child Sarah Jessica Parker trained as a ballet dancer and singer. Born in Nelsonville, Ohio, her family moved to Cincinnati, then to Dobbs Ferry NY in order for Sarah to continue developing her theater talents.
Sex and the City 2

Sarah Jessica Paker is best known for her role as Carrie Bradshaw in ‘Sex and the City’. The show was an instant success and in 2004 Parker won an Emmy Award for her role. That same year the TV series ended, in 2008 the movie was launched and in 2010 the sequel was released .

Sarah’s love for fashion is evident in everything she does, when she hosted the 2000 MTV Awards, she appeared in 14 different outfits. During 2005 Parker released her own perfume ‘Lovely,’ two years later she launched her own fashion line ‘Bitten;’ the collection featured affordable pieces for everyone.

From ballet in Ohio to fashion week in New York you can always spot Sarah Jessica Parker in the most glamorous collections. Her incredible ability to captivate your heart and awe you with her style makes Sarah the worlds most adored actress. 

Sarah and Manolo Blahnik 

At Louis Vuitton 

Leaving Louis ! 


TAXI !!! 

x- The Collector 

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