After coming in second on Project Runway, UliHerzner took her keen knowledge of colors, fabrics, and textures and began creating exquisite dresses and collections for the most vividly dressed. Her exceptional eye for creating sensational garments has taken her from the streets of Germany, to Miami, where she explores the colors of her surroundings.

Vivienne Westood
Without a doubt Vivienne Westwood continues to dazzle the world with her
lavish creations. It wasn’t until 1981 that Westwood and Malcolm
 McLaren showcased their first collection. From 1981-1985 her collections were called the "New Romantic,” then from 1988-1991 she called them her “Pagan Years.” During which time her style icons went from punk and ragamuffins to tattler girls.

“Sometimes you need to transport your ideas to an empty landscape and then populate it with fantastic looking people.” – V .W

Carrie Bradshaw in Vivienne Westwood


Vivienne Westwood
Wolfgang Joop
Before creating his first women’s ready-to-wear line in 1982, Wolfgang was a well-established freelance designer and journalist throughout Italy, France, Germany and England. After the success of the women line, JOOP! he went on to expand into perfumes, shoes, jewelry, eye wear and even menswear. In 1998 Wolfgang sold JOOP! then in 2003 Wunderkind, a high end label was founded. In 2006 Wunderkind showcased in Paris and opened boutiques in Berlin, London and Sylt. In 2011, Wunderkind had undergone extensive reconstruction due to loos of staff, but in May 2012, Wunderkind relaunched with a new general manager and plans for expansion are currently underway. 

Wolfgang's sketches 
Fall winter 


x- The Collector 

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