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Mens fashion is something I don't usually discuss on my blog but for the next few days it's going to be the topic of choice.

I, as most women, love a man in a suit. While living in the small town of Parksville, seeing a man in a proper suit is like seeing Santa shooting down the chimney, so in hopes of seeing more Santa's let's talk proper dress for men.

A common mistake a lot of men make is with the buttons, not all are to be done up, be sure to always leave the last button undone on the jacket, and remove ALL buttons while you are seated to avoid bulge, to be honest it's distracting. Speaking of bulge, let's talk pants. Make sure they fit properly, EVERYWHERE ! Your pockets shouldn't stick out and your pant legs should go 3/4 of the way down the heel of your shoe. Another faux pas to avoid is with the socks. How many times I've seen a man sit and his white socks are popping out beneath his trousers, outfit completely ruined ! Also, wearing Adidas sports socks while dawning a fantastic three piece suit looks extremely tacky. Wear proper dress socks, it gives the look of a polished, prestigious dresser.

I hope you now know how to wear a proper suit. Remember, last button undone, trousers must fit properly, and socks must work with the outfit, you don't play hockey with a tennis racket, it just won't do. Don't forget treat woman right, dress well and happy fashion.


X- the Collector.

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