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Emma Stone

At 11, Emma Stone began acting, from then on her passion took flight. Two years later Emma assumed roles in 16 different theater productions ranging from Winnie-the-Pooh, Cinderella and even Titanic. It wasn’t until 2004 that Emma got her spot in front of the camera, playing Laurie Patridge on In Search of the New Patridge Family. From then on her carrier took flight, she acted alongside Jonah Hill in Superbad (2007), Ghost of GirlfriendsPast with Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Garner (2009) as well as Crazy,Stupid, Love with Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Marisa Tomei and Julienne Moore (2011). Emma is mesmerizing on screen, she captivates your heart every time you watch her. With green eyes, ever changing hair and her comedic relief that makes you giddy with laughter she is one of Hollywoods most promising stars. 

"Working with Emma was like driving into a thrilling, twisting river and never holding on to the sides"
 – Andrew Garfield (The Amazing Spiderman)
Emma and Andrew ! 

As well as delighting us on screen she allures us with her fashion. Emma has a playful approach to clothing. Dressing with elegance and poise is her specialty; she never shy’s away from a loud print. Even when watching runway shows during New York Fashion week 2012 you can spot her in the perfect ensemble. 
Emma and Rooney Mara at Calvin Klein 2012

From Titanic at 13, to The Amazing Spiderman at 23, Emma Stone is working her way to becoming one of the world’s most adored actors. Her darling comedic roles in a variety of movies gives her the résumé that surpasses them all. Emma is such a well-rounded woman, whether she’s enchanting us behind the camera, gracing us on the red carper or watching Calvin Klein in New York you can always spot Emma putting her best, and most amusing, foot forward.

Emma and Rooney at Calvin Klein

Emma and Taylor Swift

Emma in Prada for Vogue

Emma in 'Easy A'

Met Ball 2012

x- The Collector 

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