Canada Day Street style


Happy Canada Day


Occupation: Works at the Visitors Center

As I walked around the beach I came across this well dressed young woman. Her bohemian vibe and  luminous smile captivated me and caused me to take a few flicks with my camera.
·      Jacket- Thrift Store
·      Shirt- Kit and Kaboodle
·      Pants- Winners
·      Shoes- Thrift Stores
·      Bag-SOS
·      Sunglasses- Her mothers


Occupations: Stylist
 Bouncy castles are a great place to find well-dressed mothers with their ever enthusiastic children, and Chantal was no acceptation. While awaiting her daughter I found her waiting patiently with an incredible smile across her lips. 
  • Jacket- SOS
  • Shirt- Her mothers
  • Pants- Thrift store
  • Shoes- Old Navy
  • Bag- Winners

Jonnie and Jessica

Occupation: Just graduated

The beach is a great place to catch a tan, watch dogs run and listen to well trained musicians play soothing music. This newly graduated couple relaxes and enjoys the warmth of the sun and share a stress free moment in the glory of the day.

·      Shoes- Etnies
·      Shorts- Quicksilver
·      Shirt- On The Byas
·      Sunnies- RayBans

·      Shoes- Alco
·      Shorts- George
·      Cardigan- M Basic
·      Shirts- Exhilaration
·      Sunnies- Ardene

Me and My dad :) 
me : Jacket- SOS
shirt- Kit & Kaboodle 
Shorts- Winners
Clutch- Aldo

him: shirt- Highland Valley Copper
belt- Big and Tall
Pants- Highland Valley Copper

x- the Collector 

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