Q Mary Quant is an esteemed fashion designer from London. In 1958 she was the creator of the mini skirt and the ‘Hot Pants’. Her creative eye for color and exquisite patterns helped shape the fashion of the 1960’s and still continues to give life to bold prints, neon accessories and outrageous motifs. In the 1960 Mary helped give a voice to the teens of the decade. Mary Quant inspired fashion designers to follow their hearts and design with an extravagant mind. Her style today is more subdued but she gives a spin to the ‘casual’ more relaxed vibe for today.
Mary Quant

R (1907-1998)
Roger Vivier designed some of the world’s most captivating shoes. In 1954 Vivier designed the first ever stiletto and soon he was gaining customers from Queen Elizabeth II, Ava Gardner, Gloria Guinness, and The Beatles. Roger Vivier could create a shoe out of almost anything; satin, silk, beads, feathers, jewels, chiffon, and more. From 1953-1963 Vivier worked for Christian Dior. Roger Vivier gave shoe designers an excellent dose of competition, helping shape the shoes of the 20th century.
Leighton Meester in Vivier 

Simon Chang is known as one of the words most influential designers. Recently the Canadian Governor General, Michelle Jean, honored Chang for his business and philanthropic achievements. Chang’s continued success as a designer has lead him to be the creator of over 300 collections, ranging from bathing suits, eyewear, uniforms, ready-to-wear and more. Chang has such a vivid imagination and with that he has the ability to create and design using just about every material and can take influence from street style to musical theater, Broadway as well as art exhibitions. Simon Chang still continues to reward the world with incredible easy to wear collection and this season was certainly no acceptation.

T. After attending Tokyo’s Bunka Fashion College, Tsumori Chisato took her enchanting ability to create lavish garments with enthusiastic prints and opened her own line in 1990. Then in 2003 she expanded into Paris and continued on to overtake the United States. Tsumori has a bohemian elegance that causes smiles to permanently rest on our lips. 


x- the Collector 

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