Roaring 20's


No more corsets! During the 1920's women stopped conforming to the worlds idea of a soft, well structured elegance and began creating there own rougher, edgy and eclectic styles. The "tube," "Flapper," fringe and artificial silk dresses created a shapeless dignity for women. The boyish style consisted of jersey style suits, jackets, neck ties and oxford styled boots. The most common hair style in the 1920's was the "bob," the hair cut shapes the face and gives juxtaposition of masculinity and femininity in a simple but chic way.

The women of the 1920's were brave; they stood up for what they wanted and not what society deemed as poise and perfection. The Roaring Twenties was the most important decade for women, it gave us a voice, not only the fashion world but everywhere.

Coco Chanel, dropped the ideal super feminin appearance and took hold of the look of menswear including sailor stripes, tweed suits and simple straw hats, she incorporated them into a simple yet self motivating collection for any girl or woman.

Coco Chanel

Josephen Baker

"Bob" hairstyle

Mea Busch

1922 Vogue Cover

x- The D3vil Wears G

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