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Miley Ray Cyrus

We all know Miley Cyrus from Disney Channel's sit come 'Hannah Montana' and from that, she launched into her singing career. Signing with Hollywood Records in 2008, the released her solo album 'Breakout.'

In 2009, Miley began appealing to the older generation. Her "girly," rosie cheeks, and blue eyes were thrown to the wind, replacing her blond wig with natural waves, dark makeup and incredible fashion. In 2010, the studio produced "Can't be Tamed," the music video and song contained a wilder, more grown up version of Miley. The song hit 13th on the Forbes Celebrities 100 list.

Back in 2008, Miley was included in Time Magazine as one of the worlds most influential people.

Emilio Pucci

I love the red shoes!

The skirt is wonderful

Roberto Cavalli

My favorite look


Roberto Cavalli 

David Koma 

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