Letter from the wardrobe.


I think it may be time to show you some of my own personal fashion. I usually write about what fashion designers are putting down the runway and also about who is wearing what, but I never let you into my personal life. So, here is my wardrobe.


This spring I decided to dive into the vintage era. So, I began going to the local Thrift Stores and finding a tone of great vintage pieces. I started with a vibrant jungle floral jacket and from then on I knew I had to make vintage a huge part of my look. The best thing about vintage is it’s heavy and can be warn and washed a lot. Mixing contemporary with vintage gives you a very chic look. So, I strongly urge you to go shopping and find your own hidden treasures.

New York Street Style
My Style

Fo Fur H&M bag
brown Sleeveless vest
black sheer tank

My favorite look for myself always contains a belt, or high waisted anything. Since I am athletic and curvy, the high waisted pants or skirts accentuate my figure. By adding a bold belt eyes are automatically drawn to my feminine structure. The high waisted pants or skirts make me look longer, I only stand at 5’5” so any extra help is wonderful. I also love jewelry; a little finger candy can go a long way!


I love jackets! I love playing around with the different colors and seeing what crazy outfits I can do. These jackets are all vintage; one is men’s and the others are vibrant and bold. A simple way to dress up an outfit it putting on a solid suit jacket, a plain white tee and jeans with a vibrant coat, takes your outfit from drab to fab! 

My Style
New York Style

Add a crazy jacket

Shoes. I loath shoe shopping. More than LuLuLemons and Ugg Boots, I hate shoe shopping. I never have the patience, so when I have found a shoe that I truly adore I buy it. I am so picky when it comes to shoes; I only own a handful because of how little I shoe shop. So here are my not-so vast selection of shoes.

my AMBITIONS in life
I want to write for Vogue. Plain and simple, I want to be walking the same hallways as designers like Dolce&Gabbana, Ralph Lauren,Vivienne Westwood, Giorgio Armani, Anna Sui, Alberta Ferretti, and past editor, Anna Wintour. Writing about the designers and their successors and how the collections have moved with the fashion tides. Talk about mixing contemporary with Haute Couture and talking with Chanel with Mr. Lagerfeld. Writing is my fervency, building an incredible wardrobe is my leisure and creating eclectic, dramatic, feminine outfits is my lightheartedness.
My goal is Vogue, don’t try and stop me.  

x- The D3vil Wears G

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