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Easy Breezy

This season it's all about the sheer draping on the dress or skirt to give it that ultra feminine, blowing in the breeze appearance. Candid the look is simply devine, I find myself purchasing multiple garments with that airy-ferry, flowing in the wind feel! Try it, who knows, you too could be blowing gently in the summer breeze.

It doesn't matter what your style is. You can go super contemporary with a skirt or dress like this, or you can go grunge, or just pair it with a plain t-shirt. This skirt adds flare to any outfit in such a simple but creative way. The brighter the color the more interesting your outfit will be. 

My version. Skirt from Forever21

Be brave, you can never go wrong with color!

Skirt from Forever21

Do what's comfortable for you! Still, though, venture out of what you know, and do a little a exploring. 

x- The D3vil Wears G

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