Donatella Versace

Born into a wealthy established family, Donatella Versace had no hopes of becoming a designer. As time progressed she began expanding alongside her brother, Giovanni, to purse knitwear design in Florence. In 1980 Donatella launched her first perfume line, "Blonde."

In 1997 the Versace family was stricken with the heart wrenching news that brother, father, entrepreneur, and family man Giovanni Versace was murdered. During his funeral 2,000 people showed, including; models, actors and celebrities and royalty all came to pay their respects.

Donatella took hold of the reigns and began designing a collection. A year later Versace hit the couture runway at Hôtel Ritz Paris, she put on a grand show. Just like her brother before her she used glass to cover the pool using exquisite lighting, music and only the top models of the world were to walk the catwalk.

Instead of using unknown models to showcase her clothing, Donatella dressed established celebrties in her latest pieces, Beyoncé, Madonna, Jonathan Rhys, Demi Moore, Lil' Kim and others. The "Versace Green Dress" was warn by Jennifer Lopez at the Grammy's in 2000. The Versace name took flight and hasn't stopped soaring since her brothers passing.

Donatella Versace is all about the charity work, and in 2010 she was given the "Do Something with Style Award."

Donatella has overcome many obstacles and yet she continues to design with vigor and poise. What will her and her celebrity entourage do next? Only time will tell.


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