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Well, seeing as it’s spring time and usually we have given up on are “new years resolutions,” one thing we should never give up on is our health. I for one neglect my health and my diet, especially when life gets busy and a quick stop off at McDonalds is easier than grabbing an orange at the local grocery market, however here are a few ways to get that summer body you’ve always wanted without going to the gym, or busting your budget.

No one wants to spend thousands of dollars on some TV diet plan that gives you tiny meals in hopes of shrinking your stomach, no, just eat properly. I for one am a busy individual and look for a quick food fix that is easy to make and I can just toss in my bag. I found that having a fruit drink that contains most of my daily fruits is always a good way to go. Yogurt parfait’s are also a great way to get calcium in the morning and add some granola for a bit of crunch. I recently discovered that apples are better than coffee’s, so an apple is an excellent way to kick start your morning.

For lunch, it’s important to get some meet in your diet. If, like me, you don’t eat red meet, nuts are a perfect way to get fibre and protein. Summer salads are wonderful; oranges, apples, nuts, romaine lettuce, spinach, chicken  and a raspberry vinaigrette will help you to be full and comfortable for the rest of the day.

I am a muncher. I always eat periodically throughout the day and into the evening. I found that carrots are my go to vegetable, my eyesight hasn’t changed, but it’s better than a bag of crisps, and you can avoid blotting. Grab a handful or vegetables and add a little dip for extra flavor, fat free sour cream is better then nothing, it’s also better then ceaser salad dressing, which contains over 500calories in very small serving.

For dinner it is very important to have proteins, small amounts carbohydrates and copious amounts of vegetables and some fish. Add glass of red wine help thin your blood and it's good for your heart, A glass of whine, not a bottle. If you eat desert, go for another yogurt or a healthy alternative like a granola bar.

There you go, have fruits for breakfast, and your carbs before 10am. For snacks have more fruits and vegetables; carrot sticks, celery, grapes, oranges, apples, cauliflower, and peanut butter but don’t over eat. For lunch have a salad with different fruits and nuts, for dinner have a protein, meet, carbs, and as many vegetables as you’d like. Snack on the healthy things and keep the potato chips in the shelf, save them for the weekend and don’t forget to get at least 30mins of exercise a day. Take the stairs not the elevator and remember to breath. Stay calm, put a smile on. 

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