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Paris Hilton introduced Kim to a celebrity status and since then KimK has never done anything to spark my interest. Her reality TV show with her family 'Keeping up with the Kardashians' only makes me care for her less. Although she's hasn't done anything significant with her celebrity status, she has become an entrepreneur and has created a successful perfume brand, jeans for curvy women, and a make up line, nothing out of the celebrity norm. 

One think I do admire about KimK is her constant upkeep in the fashion industry. Kim displays her vivacious figure while strolling the streets of Manhattan, or gracing the Red Carpet, she always looks stunning. Her toned and trimmed figure allows her to wear figure flattering clothing that most women would drown in, she turns a simple evening gown into a voluminous piece. I enjoy watching Kim explore the fashion world, she's darring and outgoing. I respect her confidence but don't care much for her. 

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