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Kanye West is one of the world's most controversial artists of the 21st century. Kanye has been loved and hated for his narcissistic views towards fellow musicians and has kept the tabloids hungry for many years. After he released his debut album College Dropout in 2004, Kanye went from producing music with legends such as Janet Jackson, and Alicia Keys to rapping next to artists such as Jay-Z, Ludacris and Katy Perry. Kanye's smooth lyrical rap style and his keen knowledge of folk, rap, R&B, 70's, and electronica help him to produce catchy songs that keep music lovers, such as myself, coming back for more. 

On November 7th 2007, Dona West, Kanye's biggest fan died.  Throwing Kanye into a tail spin, his concert in London was dedicated to her, and he sang "Hey Mama" and "Don't Stop Believing" in her honor.

In 2004, Kanye had his first of many award show hiccups. Known for his outspokenness and tiresome attitude he's been in the spotlight as Hollywoods biggest nuisance for some time now. Although he makes incredible music, some of the words that come out of his mouth aren't so poetic. In 2004, he claimed to have been "robbed" of Best New Artist of the Year by country music singer Gretchen Wilson. In 2006, when "Touch the Sky" didn't win Best Video of the Year at the Europe music awards Kanye was again outraged. In 2009, he publicly humiliated Taylor Swift, claiming that Beyonce should have won Best Female Video. Not only does he cause humiliation to himself, Barak Obama called West "a jackass," and rightfully so. After the incident with Taylor, West wrote her an apology on his blog, as well as a song, Taylor, did not accept the song, so West performed it himself. 

This year, Kanye decided to give rap a break and try his hand in fashion design. West attends many fashion shows and keeps up with the latest trends for both men and women. Tabloid starlet Kim Kardashian modeled Kanye's latest collection, she wore a pair of $6,000 shoes and a fur jacket and to be frank, both are hideous. If you didn't know Kanye loves his Nike sneakers and has recently designed a collection of shoes for the company, they're not too bad, but unfortunately they're called Nike Air Yeezy.

KimK in Kanye West

Kanye, stick to what you know best; rapping, leave the fashion design to the professionals. But if it's what you love then have at'er. Price them so the average human can purchase them and stop stealing peoples thunder while their up getting the award THEY deserve. 

x- The D3vil Wears G

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