Hollywood at there worst


Sometimes when celebrities take fashion into their own hands, more times that non the outcome is catastrophic. Either they gave their stylist the day off or they did something to anger them because they look atrocious. Making fashion continuos decisions are not for the faint hearted, even I don't make the best decisions all the time, but I usually make up for it the next time around.

Bjork had a massive red carpet oops in 2001, The "Swan Dress" was designed by Marjan Persjaski and was dubbed 9th most iconic red carpet gown of all time. She later wore the dress on the cover of her album Vespertine. The media mocked the dress for months to come, even celebrities began to emulate the gown and soon the "Swan Dress" became an iconic parody in many movies as well as TV show.

Celine Dion wore a white silk backwards suit designed by Dior in 1999. For the life of me I can't figure out why she would wear something so hideous, and the look was not iconic, it was just tragic. Don't get me started on the fedora.

Remember when Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake were dating? They wore matching full denim outfits to the the 2001 American Music Awards. Brit wore too much bling around her neck and Justine looked like he was in a fancier version of the Canadian Suit. Overall I give this a hideous out of ten. Their stylist was Rachel Zoe, what was she thinking?

Lara Flynn Boyle. As adorable as a 5 year old is in her first too-too, you're not 5 nor was it adorable. In 2003, the Golden Globes are a place of grace and prestige, you were neither and sorry to say, but the shoes were equally as hideous.

Some more red carpet faux pas.

Cameroon Diaz

Nicki Minaj


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