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Meet Danielle,
D, is from the beautiful country of Haiti, and uses the bright colors of her country to create adorable, bright outfits. I admire her style and expertise, and find myself gawking at her photo's on facebook. She shops at cute boutiques and consignment store and looks timeless, and effortless every time!

Dress: Material Girl (by Madonna and Lourdes)
Boots: Stitches

Hat: Urban Behaviour
Periwinkle Blazer: Aritzia

Her style captivates the simple boho girl, with traces of the classics interlaced, she also uses accessories and bold colors to accentuate her outfits. She loves Alexander McQueen, his extraordinary love for the visionary art along with his uncanny ability to turn dreams into reality keeps her on edge. She, like most women, loves to shop at Urban Outfitters, but she doesn’t spend all her cash at one store, she shops at thrift stores for a must-have bargain. Danielle carries a sweet and feminine charm with her everywhere she goes, and her outfits compliment her in every way. 

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