The bohemian era takes on the soul of the gypsy, hipster, and Native American all rolled into one, I love the ‘joie de vivre’ essence of the style. The look of someone who you’d consider boho would be in a long maxi dress or skirt, head pieces, arm bands, face paint and oversized earrings. The easy “love the planet” people are more worldly and relaxed, I think of Hawaii when I see a bohemian dressed person walks by.

Nichole Richie has taken on the boho style and given her own personal girly touches to it. She loves to wear ankle long, free flowing dresses with gladiator sandals and a beautiful headpiece that resemble that of the Indian culture. She looks footloose and fancy free.

Vanessa Hudgens also wears boho styled outfits, her wooden platform heels and crop tops with long flower or feather necklaces suit her to a tee. She carries a laid back vibe everywhere she goes and the ensemble complements her in every way.
Mary-Kate & Ashley wear a grunge version of the style. Dark color pallet and deeper toned make up give them an ominous elegance. They look always look stunning, but when they wear massive dark oversized clothes they look petite and washed out, I do like the look but sometimes they look scary.

Boho is a mix of a pretty gypsy and a happy hippy, so the outcome gives off a ‘hang loose’ aura. Timeless geometrical pieces, long and dangly jewelry, oversized sunglasses and fringe bags make the style peaceful but interesting.



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