Vancouver Fashion Week


Day number THREE

Last night was a blast, there were a few stressful moments, but that's inevitable, but all in all the night was a success and an excellent turn out! 

Pure Elegance was the first to showcase down the runway. Her collection was very pretty, she had a lot of fun adding sparkle and vibrant colours; emerald green, purple, black, hot pink, and fuchsia. I wasn't sure what she was going for with her collection, there were traditional sari's, grad style gowns, evening gowns, baby doll dresses, and pants, I guess she wanted to show that she was multifaceted. All in all, it was fun to watch and very elegant, the models had so much fun walking and the audience seemed to enjoy the show. 
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Angel Eye was next, and I must say this ready-to-wear collection was fantastic, I would have bought several pieces in her collection. She had short evening wear dresses that were very sexy without being too scandalous, she used great patterns and all the dresses flowed gracefully on each of the models. She even had office approved attire as well, the collection as a whole was wonderful and if they get into any stores in Vancouver, I assure you I will be stopping by to get my hands on some of the clothes. 
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The collection to follow was Wellgroomed. The designers took the traditional sari and put a 2012 spin on it, but keeping the vibrance and glitz of the ritual gown evident. They used every color in the rainbow, from deep purples, to fuchsia, sea blue, yellows and even lime green, it was extraordinary, I was salivating and eager to get my hands on many of the pieces. The bead work was also phenomenal! Overall the collection was wonderful and so much fun to watch. 
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Bano eeMee. This mans collection was to die for, every jacket was so well tailored, so well put together and even the lining on the inside of the jackets was spectacular. The army styled jackets were so fun and pretty. Perfect for the office, then out for dinner with friends. The velvet emerald green collars on the black jackets was so sophisticated, and each of his clutches matched the jackets perfectly. He also incorporated "Little Red Ridding Hood" styled jackets as well, the ponchos weren't red though. As a whole this collection was adorable and easy on the eyes. I loved it!
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This collection could be summed up by saying "The snow queen meets New York City." All the fur in the collection was recycled and the label has saved the lives of over 600,000 animals. The dresses weren't that great, but the jackets were scrumptious and so tantalizing. The pallet consisted of earth tones, it felt like I was going to go man hunting in a lipstick jungle. I thought the collection was fun and different! 
The jewellery was designed my Janet Theresa. The antler rings and and branch enthused necklaces were super creative and fun, but in all honesty they were super impractical! You can't wear them, you would pock someones eye out so easily. 
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Jenny Grettve. Before I talk about the fashion, let me just say the makeup was stunning! Bright orange eyes and a super eclectic collection was crazy and enthusiastic, it was very well done. The long coats and drappy dresses did nothing for the models or the audience. The collection had a very boring pallet of grey, white and black and very nervous models. The prints were fun and wilderness approved. The Victorian era was obviously an inspiration for the designer, and the grandmother chic styled blouses as well as the fleece pants were cute, but not incredible. Then near the end one of the models looked like a lacross player in pearls, it was weird, but interesting. 
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All in all Vancouver Fashion week day three went really well. I felt like I was taken all over the world. The arctic, Asia, New York and the lacross field. It was a lot of fun, and I am excited for tomorrow. 

Me and John Phillipe!

Photo's by Ty Snaden 

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