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Street style is always about self-expression. During fashion week a stylish individuals wears their best and most creative outfit. For 2012 the trends have been consisting of prints on prints, old school mixed with new age, and long and sleek silhouettes. For men, 3 piece suits are very common; sporting a dress shirt, polka dot tie and a denim jacket is nothing out of the ordinary. We’re seeing a lot of neutrals, bolds, prints, textures and lace. This year people aren’t afraid to try something they haven’t before, individuals have been using bohemian influence, casual rustic pieces, low key accessories and adding vivid colored garments to build their outfits.  So try something out of your element and see what happens.

 Since the sheer dress shirts have hit the scene, women have been flirting with different colored bando’s, bras and casual accessories to look sexy without looking sleazy. Geoffrey Campbell’s have hit the street running, they’re incredibly comfortable and easy to dress up or down which makes them easy to style, and they’re a valuable piece in your collection. We’re seeing a lot of jumpers, but be careful not to overpower them with a lot of accessories or too big of a bag or you’ll look big and bulky as appose to sleek and long.  Maxi skirts are also huge this season, high waisted always looks great, the higher you belt them; the longer your legs look. Be bold and pair your skirt with a brilliant tote or a trendy shirt. Fur Fur Fur! As long as it’s not real, I say go for it, but be careful not to be to loud with it, pair it with something neutral, but if you do choose to go loud don’t have too much color or we’ll get lost in a sea of mix-matched chaos. 
Romantic is in, try an 1800’s style jacket or an “olive grove” color palette, think deep and dark and pair it with something 21st century for extra flair. Bell-bottoms are trending at the moment, I say ‘yes’ for long legged ladies, careful to thicker-shorter women, as it makes us look super wide and short. Bags are beginning to take on a mind of their own. The bag doesn’t necessarily have to match the outfit, it’s a statement piece, it adds a little glamour to your outfit. Printed vintage dresses are huge this season, try something with a textured floral print, please be sure to get something that doesn’t wash you out, i.e to bright or we’ll loose you.

 I hope that helped you to figure out the new trends are for this season. Incorporate the things that you love, never assume that just because it’s “in style” means you have to change your style, be you and try and new things, always add to your style, never subtract.


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