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There is so much to be said in the fashion world, but the best place to start would be the shoes. Needless to say, my shoe collection is less than impressive and my most expensive pair would be my Aldo boots that I bought for $40 last year. Yes, it’s tragic, but sometimes you’ve got to sacrifice a great pair of shoes, in order to pay the rent.  Anyways, I’ve recently been reading Vogue, and have discovered that shoes have gone from a cute little kitten heel, to 9” platforms in a matter of months. I can’t believe it, it’s ridiculous and the man in charge of the massive shoe is non other than, Jeffery Campbell. He’s brilliant, but is there such thing as “too extreme?” The answer is very obvious. NO! Unfortunately I don’t have the means to purchase such a wonderful shoe, but I did however, have the golden opportunity to buy a fabulous pair of Kim Chi Blues from Urban Outfitter. Wow, that sounds super lame, but hey, every writer has to start somewhere, am I right?
Kim Chi Blue

Now, Let’s talk about the Prada shoe! Prada has done a great pair of nude 5” platforms that have been dumbed down and put into Aldo stores for starving, broke journalists like me to buy. Recently the collection put out a pair of ‘Green and Gold Flame’ shoe, and may I just say. WOW!  Personally, I would never buy a pair, I don’t have the guts to go that extreme, but they’re a wonderful shoe, and only the brave and sophisticated women of the high fashion world would sport the shoe.
The Prada


Ever see the show “Ridiculousness” hosted by Rob Dyrdeck? Well, they should have a show just for shoes, and I believe that Jeffery Campbell would be and excelent host. His shoes are ridiculous, but incredible, all at the same time, am I right?  Only recently did his shoes become majorly popular, but these shoes would most likely be warn by the younger generation, the up-and-coming, if you will. I’m sure you wouldn’t see Anna Wintour in them, but she defiantly approves of JC’s talent.  Campbell is so creative, he takes extraordinary risks and they pay off. The Jeffery Campbell boots are a huge success around the world, as well as his fabulous heels, he uses great color, and adds some spikes or crazy woodwork to make just the basic shoe, sensational.

Anna Wintour, editor and chief of Vogue
You can’t talk shoes without mentioning the great and fabulous Jimmy Choo, or Vivien Westwood. Jimmy has been designing fabulous shoes since before my time, and same goes for Vivien, but they are two different designers who have two different styles, and come out with equally stupendous shoes.  Jimmy usually tends to design a pump, or stilettoes, and Vivien sticks to the boots. Thank goodness that they do, they keep us on our toes (literally,) and allow us to wear great shoes all year around; her in the winter and him during the summer, a perfect balance of class and refinement all year around!

So, there you have it, if you need to buy a crazy and elaborate shoe, go for a Jeffery Campbell, but if you need to impress your boyfriends parents go for a Westwood, or a Choo. If you don’t want to break the bank, be like me, and shop at Payless. I hope that helps you to decide what you want, and welcome to your new addiction.

The D3vil Wears G.

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